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General Oral Health
Are you aware that the incidence of oral cancer in Canada is higher than that of cervical cancer? Despite this alarming statistic, many people don’t consider a routine visit to the dentist as part of screening for this deadly disease. Like many cancers, when caught early, there is a much higher incidence of curing this disease. In 2007 Dr.MacPherson presented her abstract on ‘Oral Cancer and the Role of the General Dentist’ at the Canadian Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons annual general meeting. From a health perspective we strive to maintain your general oral health by preventing this and other diseases.

The invisalign process involves wearing a series of clear aligners used to straighten and align teeth into the optimal position.  Instead of wearing metal or plastic braces, patients wear comfortable, smooth plastic aligners that are barely visible.  If you have concerns with crooked teeth, gaps or crowding; book an appointment with Dr. MacPherson to discuss Invisalign.DI1

Implants (placement and restoration)
Dental implants have become the number one option for replacing one or multiple missing teeth. An implant consists of a titanium screw, which is placed into the jaw bone, and an artificial tooth (or in some cases, a denture) which adheres to the screw. Implants are an excellent option with high patient satisfaction, success rate and esthetic results.


Many people will quickly name discolored or stained teeth as a first on their list of dental problems. Book an appointment today to discuss these issues and learn of the various options for addressing your concerns.

While you may be aware there is something ‘off’ with one or more teeth, dental cavities are most often detected during an examination and with xrays. Eliminating decay at an early stage can prevent future pain and more complex and costly dental treatment.

Cleanings/check up
Routinely visiting your hygienist and dentist is part of maintaining proper oral care. Regular cleanings and dental exams can prevent gum and bone disease, cavities and tooth loss. We generally recommend a cleaning and check up every 6 months to catch any concerns at an early stage.

Root Canals
A root canal is a treatment performed to repair an infected or dead tooth. The damaged nerve is removed and the nerve space is cleaned and then filled with a special filling material. A regular filling and/or crown is then placed to restore the tooth back to normal function.

A crown is commonly known as a ‘cap’ and is used to protect a tooth that has a large filling or has had a root canal. A bridge is one of the multiple options for replacing a missing tooth and consists of 2 crowns with a ‘dummy tooth’ fused in between to replace the missing tooth. Although implants are a preferred option in many cases, there are still situations where traditional bridgework is indicated.


Children’s dentistry
Even though children will lose their baby teeth, it is important to introduce proper oral health care at an early age. Decay in baby teeth can lead to pain, infection, tooth loss and can damage future permanent teeth. Getting your child comfortable with the dentist at a young age is an excellent way to prevent future dental phobias. Remember – most dental procedures are covered by MSI up until age 10!

While we strive to prevent tooth loss, dentures are an excellent option for replacing multiple (or all) teeth. With the advancement of implants, we can create ‘implant supported dentures’ which result in solid, durable complete dentures that ‘click’ into place. Dr. MacPherson will assess your situation and help determine the best option for you.